A Dentist in San Diego Discusses Periodontal Disease

A Dentist in San Diego Discusses Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums. The periodontium is comprised of the bone and gums which are the supportive tissues that keep your teeth in place. It can be  caused by negligent home care and lack of preventive professional care. Without proper care, bacteria builds on teeth and has a negative effect on the gums. This can lead to bleeding, pain while chewing, and tooth loss. Thankfully, receiving La Costa dental services can help.

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Risks of Developing Gum Disease

A dentist in La Jolla explains that your mouth is filled with bacteria caused by the accumulation of plaque on your teeth. When it is not eliminated, the plaque hardens into tartar and irritates your gums. Also, smoking is a bad habit that promotes and enables periodontal disease to develop. Sometimes, certain medicines decrease saliva production, which can also lead to the problem as well.


Signs of Periodontal Disease

In the beginning, you may not realize that you are dealing with gum disease. Over time, you may begin experiencing certain symptoms.


  • Continued bad breath
  • Red/swollen gums
  • Pain while eating
  • Loose/sensitive teeth
  • Receding gums

When you visit your dentist in San Diego, she will examine your mouth for signs of infection. Also, she will measure the pockets that surround your teeth to check that their gums are properly attached to the bone and teeth… Images will be taken to assess bone loss has started.


The target of periodontal treatment is to control an existing infection. In many cases, early periodontal disease is treated with the instruction of maintaining a regular and thorough homecare routine. It is essential to brush and floss daily and to schedule regular dental check-ups. Also, a person may be told to stop smoking. Medications may need to be altered as well.


At Solana Family Dental, we strive to help patients maintain top oral health. We address all dental issues quickly and efficiently. When periodontal disease is detected, an effective treatment is recommended. In little time, your gums’ health will be restored. For more information, call us at 858-345-1960.

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