A Dentist Near Me Explains the Importance of Fluoride

A Dentist Near Me Explains the Importance of Fluoride

You want your mouth and teeth to be as healthy as possible. Fluoride can help. Fluoride is a natural mineral that can rebuild and strengthen enamel. In other words, it assists with fighting plaque and bacteria that accumulate in your mouth and that lead to erosion of enamel. Therefore, it is a useful thing that helps to prevent cavities.

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Products that Contain Fluoride

According to a dentist in San Diego, fluoride occurs naturally in your body. However, there are other products that can be used as supplements for this mineral.

  • Mouthwash with fluoride
  • Toothpaste with fluoride
  • Tap water with fluoride

When you ingest fluoride, it becomes a permanent part of your teeth during the formation process. Topical protection is possible as well. Fluoride is retained in your saliva, which means that it surrounds your teeth.


Who Needs Extra Fluoride?

A dentist in La Jolla explains that certain people may need more fluoride than others.

  • People Taking Prescription Drugs. Certain medication lowers saliva production. This increases the risk for developing decay. Fluoride supplements may help.
  • People with Receding Gums. When your gums recede, your teeth’s roots become exposed above the gum line. This makes them vulnerable to decay. Fluoride may help to prevent cavities.
  • People Receiving Orthodontic Treatment. If you have braces or a similar orthodontic treatment, you may find that it is difficult to completely clean your teeth. Fluoride can help to keep your teeth strong and healthy.
  • People with Sensitivity. When you eat large amounts of acidic foods and drinks, you may notice that your teeth become sensitive. Fluoride helps to re-mineralize your enamel, which decreases sensitivity.

Can a Dentist Near Me Provide Fluoride Treatments?

When you visit your La Costa dental provider, he or she will be able to provide fluoride supplements. At Solana Family Dental, our entire staff is dedicated to providing quality services that maximize your oral health. For more information about fluoride treatments, contact our office at 858-345-1960.     

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