Eating with Dentures

Eating with Dentures

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Most dentists agree that getting dental implants is the best way to fill the space left behind by one or more missing teeth. Sadly, these dental appliances can be cost-prohibitive for some. But all hope is not lost as other, more cost-effective alternatives are available, dentures being one of them. And contrary to popular belief, eating while wearing them is pretty easy once you get used to them.


Carlsbad Dentists Discuss the Adjustment Period When It Comes to Getting Used to Dentures


Individuals who wear dentures can continue eating many of the same foods they used to eat with their natural teeth, but it will take several weeks before doing so feels natural. One of the issues that some people face when they first start wearing dentures is a significant uptick in saliva production, which alters how the mouth feels. Some individuals also may develop sores when they first start wearing dentures, which, in turn, makes chewing their food difficult. But the good news is all of these things are temporary. Over time, eating and even speaking while wearing dentures does get a lot easier.


Dentists in Encinitas Explain Why a Mechanical Soft Diet Is Ideal for First-Time Denture Wearers


For those not familiar with it, a mechanical soft diet, as the name might suggest, refers to a diet consisting of mostly soft foods that require minimal chewing. That said, some of the foods commonly associated with a mechanical soft diet include pudding, cooked cereal, scrambled eggs, and mashed potatoes. According to dentists in Encinitas and dentists in Del Mar, eating these types of foods means you’re less likely to irritate your gums or other soft tissue in your oral cavity as you learn how to adjust to eating with dentures.


Carlsbad Dentists and Dentists in Del Mar Discuss Things You Should Be Mindful of When Eating with Dentures


Even after getting accustomed to wearing dentures, there are several things individuals must always be mindful of, say nearly all Carlsbad dentists and dentists in Del Mar.  Some of the more notable ones include the following:


Food temperature Dentists in Del Mar, dentists in Encinitas, and other dental practitioners in San Diego County agree that you should always gauge food temperature with your lips or the tip of your tongue before putting it in your mouth. According to these dental practitioners, dentures can trigger an insulating effect that makes it difficult to assess how hot food is once it’s in the mouth. Bearing that in mind, denture wearers who do not check the temperature of their food with their lips or the tip of their tongue are more likely to suffer mouth burns, not to mention irritation and inflammation of the oral cavity.

Liquids – For those who enjoy sipping a beverage and savoring it before finally swallowing, you should probably avoid doing so while wearing your dentures. According to the American Dental Association, along with Carlsbad dentists and dental practitioners throughout San Diego County, holding any liquid in your mouth for too long before swallowing can cause dentures to become loose.

Spicy food – Most people enjoy eating food with a kick from time to time, but doing so might not be a good idea if you have sores in your mouth due to wearing dentures, which, again, is not uncommon among first-time denture wearers. According to many dentists in Encinitas, spicy foods can cause a burning or stinging sensation within the oral cavity if you have sores of any kind.


Bottom Line


In summary, dentures can improve both your appearance and speech, all while making it easier for you to enjoy the food you love.  That said, those who are considering them should keep in mind that they will have a rather challenging adjustment period to get through before they can fully enjoy such benefits, but your dentist should be able to help you overcome this with adjustments and tips..

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