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Teeth Whitening

Solana Beach Dentist is Proud to Enhance Your Smile Through Teeth Whitening

Having your teeth whitening procedure performed by a skilled Solana Beach Dentist means a beautiful smile and brighter teeth. Our teeth whitening in Solana Beach will go deep into enhancing your personal confidence and attractiveness.
Teeth whitening in Solana Beach is a widely sought after procedure by both men and women. There are many causes for tooth decoloration and often times tooth whitening may be the ideal solution to help restore them.

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Preparation for Teeth Whitening Procedure

While some patients would just want teeth whitening done for them, our professional dentists ensure that an initial examination is carried out to discover any dental diseases that may have developed. This is important part of the procedure as any problems discovered are addressed to ensure that the result of the whitening procedure is more effective and long lasting.

It is best to ensure that whitening is performed in a healthy, cavity free environment to reduce complications such as excessive sensitivity. A thorough exam by your dental professional is highly recommended.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Two kinds of teeth whitening procedures include non-vital and vital whitening.

Non-Vital Whitening

This type of tooth whitening is performed on dead tooth that has undergone root canal treatment. Often, the yellowish or grayish color comes from within the tooth, requiring the dentist to place a whitening agent inside the tooth.

Vital Whitening

This is the most common tooth whitening procedure. A gel like whitening solution is applied to the tooth’s surface directly. The procedure takes 20 to 40 minutes and is comfortable and safe. The number of visits depends on the severity of discoloration of your teeth. We also offer a slower, take-home alternative using custom trays.

For whiter, brighter, and cleaner teeth, contact us, your Solana Beach Dentist to provide you with the best whitening procedure for an attractive smile.