Why La Costa Dental Professionals Need You To Brush Your Teeth

Why La Costa Dental Professionals Need You To Brush Your Teeth

You should brush your teeth two or three times per day. Don’t brush for more than two minutes at a time. It’s easy to accidentally miss your back molars or focus too much on the front of your teeth. Over time, failure to brush thoroughly can lead to a buildup of plaque, which will eventually harden and turn into tartar. Once tartar forms, you will have to see a dentist in La Jolla to get rid of it, so try your best to brush all of your teeth from multiple angles.

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What Should You Look for When Buying Dental Health Products?

Professionals at any La Costa dental office will tell you to only buy ADA-approved toothpaste. The ADA Seal of Acceptance will be very visible on the front of any ADA-compliant product. Toothpaste products without the ADA Seal of Acceptance may lack fluoride and other important ingredients that prevent tooth decay and other serious dental problems.


What Are the Effects of Poor Dental Hygiene?

On top of tartar buildup, failure to properly and regularly brush can also result in bad breath, cavities, and gingivitis. A cavity can progress to the point where it causes severe pain all across the mouth. Without treatment, a bad cavity may eventually lead to a deadly infection. Gingivitis will cause your gums to slowly recede until you need surgery to restore them. Brushing your teeth, flossing, and regularly visiting a reliable dentist in La Jolla will help you prevent these serious conditions from developing.


When Should You See a Dentist in La Jolla?

Even if your teeth are in tip-top shape, you need to visit your dentist in La Jolla once every six months for regular checkups and cleanings. You should reach out to a La Costa dental office immediately if you’re experiencing pain or notice abnormal changes in your teeth or mouth. A dental problem will only worsen if you wait, so it’s always a good idea to seek help before the situation spirals out of control.


Visit a Dentist in San Diego Today To Preserve Your Dental Health

A healthy mouth is an integral part of a healthy life. Life is too short to deal with chronic pain and debilitating dental issues. Fortunately, you can prevent most dental problems by brushing your teeth at least twice per day. However, you still need to occasionally see a professional to make sure that your mouth is in good order, so reach out to Solana Beach Dentistry today to book an appointment with the best dentist in San Diego.

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