Why Your Carlsbad Dentist Recommends Taking Antibiotics Before Treatment

Why Your Carlsbad Dentist Recommends Taking Antibiotics Before Treatment

Has your Carlsbad dentist recently recommended that you take antibiotics before treatment? If you are not currently ill, this may seem like an odd recommendation that offers minimal benefit. However, a closer look at why your dentist in San Diego may make this recommendation is revealing. What should you know about taking antibiotics preemptively?

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The Risk of Infection

During some types of dental procedures, the efforts of your dentist in Del Mar may cause oral bleeding. This is common with tooth extractions and other similarly invasive procedures. These procedures may more easily allow quantities of bacteria to enter your bloodstream. This could result in a severe infection elsewhere in the body. These infections may be particularly dangerous to those who are at high risk of developing a severe infection. This includes individuals with some types of heart conditions, those who have a prosthetic joint and others.


How Antibiotics Prevent Infection

In most people, the immune system will quickly identify and eliminate the bacteria that enter the bloodstream during a dental procedure. However, high-risk individuals may have a much harder time fighting an infection. These individuals are at risk of developing a severe illness as a result. Your La Costa dental professional may recommend taking an antibiotic before the procedure to reduce the chance of an infection. This common practice is often referred to as antibiotic prophylaxis.


When Antibiotics May Not Be Recommended

It is important to note that your dentist in Encinitas will not make this recommendation to all patients. Antibiotics have side effects, which could include allergic reactions, diarrhea and stomach upset. More than that, taking antibiotics when they are not necessary may lead to resistance. This serious issue may make antibiotics less effective overall. Because of this, your dentist in La Jolla may only recommend the use of antibiotics before treatment when the benefits of doing so outweigh the risks.


Learn More Today

Have you been waiting to schedule a treatment with your Carlsbad dentist, or do you have specific questions about a recommended treatment? Your dentist is available to address your concerns so that you feel confident getting the treatment that you need.

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