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There are plenty of excuses for putting off the dentist, but when you go too long between visits, you miss the chance to fight or reverse dental issues. Solana Family Dental is here to bust the myth that dental health is less important than physical health. Here are three reasons why:

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1. Dental Health Affects Your Whole Body

While many believe that dental health is not necessary for their health, this is a myth. Dental and medical professionals widely consider your mouth the window to your overall health.

According to Harvard University, researchers found a correlation between some measures of oral health and coronary heart disease. Vice versa is also true, meaning that the health of your mouth might also be symptoms of another illness, like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and pancreatic cancer.

Solana Dental understands precisely how important your dental health is, which is why they offer many different procedures, including:

If you’re looking for a Carlsbad dentist with skills in these areas that take you and your oral health seriously, then Solana Family Dental is here to help.

2. Take Advantage of New, Cutting-Edge Dental Technology

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you may be surprised at the explosive rate of development of groundbreaking dental technology. Procedures that used to be difficult and expensive have been simplified, and some diseases deemed “irreversible” now have very effective treatments.

Dr. Sandler and team at Solana Family Dental use cutting-edge technology and the latest dental practices, like regenerative dentistry or digital scanners, in proactive care and therapeutic treatments.

3. Improving Your Smile Can Improve Your Confidence

The Journal of Clinical Diagnosis and Research posted a study that found that dissatisfaction with one’s oral appearance or aesthetic profoundly affects human self-esteem. So take the first step in discovering your perfect smile at Solana Family Dental by making an appointment today.

Choose a Dentist Who Cares

Our smile is important to us, not just because it affects our physical health, but because it makes us feel good about ourselves. Dental health is deeply personal, which is why Solana Family Dental creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and a level of care that has earned them over 700 five-star reviews.

Whether you are looking for a Carlsbad dentist, a dentist in Del Mar, or a dentist in Encinitas, Solana Family Dental can help at any of their many locations.