A Carlsbad Dentist Explains Causes Behind Morning Breath

A Carlsbad Dentist Explains Causes Behind Morning Breath

When you wake up in the morning, you likely experience smelly breath. The Academy of General Dentistry explains that 80 million people have bad morning breath. It is important to uncover the reasons behind this problem and how to correct it.

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What Causes Morning Breath?

A Carlsbad dentist explains that morning breath is due to an accumulation of bacteria in your mouth. This occurs for a number of reasons.

  • Trapped Food. Many times, brushing is unable to remove trapped food particles from your mouth. As your saliva breaks things down, a sulfur compound results. This emits a horrible smell.
  • Smoking. Smoking is a bad habit that is known to increase bad breath.
  • Dry mouth. When your mouth is not producing enough saliva, bacteria can build. Therefore, sulfur emissions may be higher, especially overnight.
  • Bad Oral Hygiene. You must practice a regular routine of brushing and flossing each day. Without a clean mouth, a number of problems are possible. Also, bacteria becomes trapped in your mouth, which causes smelly breath.
  • Underlying Medical Conditions. A dentist in Del Mar cautions that an underlying medical condition may cause morning breath. For example, sinusitis or diabetes may make your breath smell. In severe cases, kidney or liver disease may be behind morning breath.

Treatments for Morning Breath

A dentist in Encinitas offers some recommendations that treat morning breath.

  • Drink More Water. When your drink more water and avoid caffeine and alcohol, you may notice that your breath smells better in the morning. Remaining hydrated increases saliva production, which lowers bacteria.
  • Proper Mouth Cleaning. Establishing a solid oral care routine can prevent morning breath. For instance, you should brush twice a day and floss. Using an alcohol-free mouthwash is useful as well. Also, a tongue scraper is an effective tool that eliminates bacteria in your mouth.

How to Find an Experienced Dentist Near Me?

If you live in the surrounding areas of San Diego, you should consult with the dental professionals at Solana Family Dental. We care about your family’s oral health and offer a variety of services. For more tips to prevent morning breath, call us at 858-345-4497.     

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