A Dentist in Del Mar Discusses Darkened Teeth

A Dentist in Del Mar Discusses Darkened Teeth

When you look in the mirror, you may notice dark teeth in your mouth. There are a number of reasons for this occurrence. It is quite common, and there are many ways to avoid and to treat the problem.


A Dentist in La Jolla Discusses Common Reasons for Tooth Darkening


There are a multitude of reasons why teeth may become dark.


  • Enamel Erosion. A dentist in Encinitas explains that enamel is the outside layer of your teeth. When it erodes, dentin becomes exposed, which is the next layer. Dentin has a yellowish color.
  • Smoking. Smoking is a bad habit that causes teeth to become yellow. Also, it may lead to certain oral cancers.
  • Food and Beverages. Drinking wine and coffee on a regular basis is known to stain teeth. Also, drinking tea often makes teeth appear brown. Certain foods cause discoloration as well.
  • Certain Medication. Certain medicines are known to contain chemicals that darken teeth. Antibiotics and antihistamines are known to discolor teeth as well.

Preventing and Reversing Darkened Teeth


A dentist in La Jolla explains that a person can avoid foods and beverages that are known to discolor teeth. Also, it is advised to quit smoking and to avoid alcohol. Alcohol is known to erode enamel. It may be wise to speak with your doctor to avoid taking medicines that darken teeth as well.


To brighten your smile, a dentist in La Jolla recommends using a whitening toothpaste or receiving professional whitening treatment. There are a number of products on store shelves that can help to lighten your teeth. For more noticeable results, you may prefer a whitening procedure from your dentist. This is just one of the many dentist Del Mar services that can be completed quickly and easily at your next office visit.


Solana Family Dental is your go-to dentist in Encinitas. Our friendly staff and relaxing office environment will keep you comfortable throughout all of your treatments. When you require services from an experienced dentist in La Jolla, we will make sure that all of your needs are met. For more information about obtaining whiter teeth, contact us today.

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