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When you have dentures, you think that you no longer need to visit your dentist in Del Mar. However, it is still necessary to attend regular preventative care appointments. There are a number of reasons to visit your dentist in La Jolla after you receive dentures.

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Necessary Adjustments

Over time, your dentures may become loose. It is common for the shape of your mouth to change. Having loose plates can cause problems, including sores and gum irritations. Also, it can be difficult to eat and to maintain adequate nutrition. Scheduling regular visits with your dentist in Encinitas allows proper adjustments to be made.


Heighten the Life of Your Dentures

Like your natural teeth, dentures require checkups. Certain dentures are made of acrylic, which is porous. This means that bacteria can enter tiny spaces in the material. Many times, your dentist in Del Mar can perform a deep cleaning. Also, she can inspect your dentures to make sure that there are no cracks or other issues. This prolongs their life.


Protect Gums

Older people must guard their gum health. Oftentimes, certain medications cause the mouth to become dry. This helps bacteria to grow. It can lead to certain gum issues such as thrush. Therefore, it is essential to schedule visits with a dentist in Del Mar to prevent the progression of bacteria and fungi to ensure top gum health. It is also of vital importance to get your tissues screened for oral cancers which can be fast-growing and deadly.


Prevent Pain

Sometimes, a person with dentures may feel pain in his or her jaw. If the problem is severe, it is advised to visit a dentist in La Jolla immediately. This may signal a serious underlying condition. If discovered early, the problem can be treated before permanent damage is done.


A dentist in Encinitas must care for patients’ entire mouths. This includes more than natural teeth. If you have dentures and want to avoid problems, it is still necessary to arrange regular appointments. At Solana Family Dental, our dedicated staff will care for you and your dentures. To schedule a visit, call us at 858-345-4497.