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All babies undergo the teething process, which often brings much discomfort. If your child is cutting teeth, you may wish to discover ways to make him or her more relaxed and comfortable  For added peace of his mind, it is helpful to receive advice from a trusted dentist in Del Mar

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Massage Your Baby’s Gums

When you apply gentle pressure to your baby’s gums, it often stops some of the discomforts. Also, it is possible to rub a cold and wet cloth along his or her gums. This delivers relaxing results that may put your child to sleep.


Feed Baby Chilled Fruit

By the time your child begins cutting teeth, he or she is likely eating solid foods. A healthy and soothing food is frozen fruit. For example, you can mash a banana and place in the refrigerator until it is cold. When your baby gets fussy and seems in pain, you can feed him or her the fruit for comfort.


Chew Toys

There are a number of teething toys and pacifiers on the market that help a baby through the teething stage. As with the fruit, these items can be placed in the refrigerator until chilled. However, it is essential to make sure that nothing is too cold. This may cause discomfort to your baby’s gums.


Create a Milk Popsicle

Your baby may normally be a fussy eater. However, during the teething process, some children totally stop eating. Unfortunately, this can cause dehydration. To make sure that he or she gets some liquids, you can create a homemade milk popsicle.


Foot Massage

Although it may seem strange, a person’s teeth and feet are connected. It seems that babies respond positively to teething when someone rubs their feet. Is it advised to target the toes? There are pressure points in this area that relieve mouth pain when pressed.


OTC Pain Relievers

Even though most doctors and dentists reserve OTC pain relievers as a last resort solution, they can help with extreme teething discomfort. You must carefully read the instructions so that the proper dosage is used. Also, a La Costa dental professional advises against using numbing gels. These can make it difficult for a baby to swallow.

At Solana Family Dental, we understand that the teething process is not easy. Most parents appreciate tips that help to alleviate the pain. Besides teething, it is wise to visit your dentist in Encinitas when your child’s teeth erupt. This keeps them healthy in the long term. To schedule an appointment, call our office today.