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Everyone likes to enjoy a sugary dessert or snack from time to time. However, if you are addicted to sugar, a dentist in San Diego is ready to offer helpful tips so that you can manage your sweet tooth and preserve your oral health.


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Think Natural

Usually, most processed foods contain high levels of sugar. Even if you are snacking on foods other than pure candy, you may be ingesting high amounts of sugar that are harmful to your teeth. Instead, many La Costa dental experts advise reaching for natural foods. Therefore, you eat less sugar.


Don’t Give Into Cravings

During that midday slump, it is common to reach for a candy bar or to crave something sweet. However, if you wait approximately 15 minutes before you grab that snack, your craving may likely subside. A dentist in La Jolla explains that pushing off your cravings will prevent you from consuming sugar that is not healthy.


Seek a Distraction

When you avert your attention away from eating a sugary snack, you likely will forget about your cravings. For example, you can go for a walk, complete a work project, or play a game with your children. La Costa dental professionals tell that anything that keeps your mind off of food will curb your cravings.


Brush Your Teeth

A dentist in La Jolla explains the best ways to manage your sugar cravings and to maintain positive oral health is by brushing your teeth. Besides filling your mouth with a pungent taste of mint that will not blend with the flavors of most foods, brushing cleans your teeth and gums.


Seek Counseling

It is possible that your sugar addiction is linked to an eating disorder or another addictive disorder. Seeking help from a counselor or a support group may help you deal with underlying problems, which can increase your oral and overall health.


At Solana Family Dental, we are here to help you uphold top oral health. When you want more tips to keep your teeth looking their best and to battle your sugar addiction, you want to work with a dentist in La Jolla that you can trust. Call our office today.