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Most people enjoy sweet treats. However, sugar is not good for teeth. Although it is possible to eat sweet items in moderation, regularly eating this substance can spell trouble for your mouth. Excess sugar leads to decay and gum disease, not to mention increased inflammation and diabetes

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Sweet foods are addictive. In fact, eating sugary items makes your body want more. This makes it difficult to curb cravings. It is helpful to receive tips to fight sugar cravings from a dentist in La Jolla.


Drink Water

Drinking water keeps your body hydrated. Also, it curbs your appetite. Besides filling your stomach, it stops cravings from ruining your diet and your health. Instead of grabbing a handful of candy, you should reach for a tall glass of water.


Chew Sugar-Free Gum

Sugar-free gum tricks your mouth into thinking that you are eating something sweet. It keeps your teeth busy and encourages saliva production. This helps clean your mouth of items that may lead to cavities. In fact, a Carlsbad dentist explains that certain gums contain xylitol, an ingredient that inhibits the growth of harmful oral bacteria.


Choose Healthy Foods

Fibrous foods are good for your body and keep you feeling full. This may prevent your need to snack. If you feel a craving coming on, it is best to reach for a piece of fruit. It provides  the sweetness you crave while being nutritious. , And don’t forget to rinse or brush your teeth after, fruit also contains sugar that can adversely affect your teeth.

Caring for Teeth After Eating Sugary Foods

Even though you may avoid cravings most of the time, you may succumb to sugar now and again. However, there are many ways to protect your teeth.

At Solana Family Dental, we understand that it is not easy to deny sugar cravings. However, it is essential to follow the above tips so that your teeth remain healthy. For more ways to avoid sugar cravings, contact our office.