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From childhood to adulthood, having strong, healthy teeth can benefit individuals in many ways, say nearly all La Costa Dentist practitioners. And they are not the only ones; dentists in La Jolla and dentists in San Diego echo that same sentiment. Of course, this is not surprising considering all that we do with our teeth from when we wake up in the morning until when we go to sleep in the evening.

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For those unaware, our teeth play a crucial role in everything from enabling us to speak and chew our food to supporting the facial muscles in our lips and cheeks. They also play a role in shaping our face and, whether in our personal or professional capacity, helping us to leave a lasting impression on the people that come into our lives. Indeed, the multiple layers of hard and soft tissue that make up human teeth serve us well when they are in good repair, but that quickly changes when dental problems arise.


Dentists in La Jolla and Dentists in San Diego Explain How Cavities Ruin Smiles


Teeth that are healthy and strong can contribute to a dazzling and memorable smile, but teeth riddled with cavities or showing signs of decay can have the polar opposite effect. According to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly 90% of American adults aged 20 and older have at least one cavity. And many never seek the dental care needed to remedy that very, very minor dental problem. Eventually, those untreated cavities give way to the following, according to both the CDC and most dentists in La Jolla throughout the Greater San Diego County area:


Dental problems born from cavities can quickly take away from what would otherwise be a beautiful, dazzling smile. And they can profoundly affect how individuals are perceived by friends, co-workers, and even family members, according to dentists and hygienists with La Costa Dentist.


Dentists in La Jolla and Dentists in San Diego Share Tips for Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy, Beautiful Smile


Having already established that cavities can open the door to numerous dental problems that affect oral health and ruin smiles, let’s turn our attention to treatment and prevention. Brushing twice a day and flossing can go a long way toward keeping teeth looking and functioning at their best. Most of these same practitioners also recommend using an antimicrobial mouth rinse, which helps reduce the bacteria in the oral cavity responsible for halitosis and gum disease. They further recommend cosmetic treatments, such as professional teeth whitening, bonding, and clear aligners to treat discolored, chipped, and crooked teeth, all of which can take away from a healthy, dazzling smile.


In summary, if you care about making and leaving a good impression on others, staying on top of your oral health must be a priority. The same applies to scheduling routine dental exams with a licensed dentist. And on that note, if it’s been a while since your last exam, consider scheduling an appointment with La Costa Dentist or any of the many other premier dental groups in the Greater Los Angeles County area today.