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It is common to give your baby a bottle so that he or she calms down. In fact, many parents allow their toddlers to fall asleep with bottles. The sugar from the drinks remain in their mouths and feed bacteria, which leads to cavities. A dentist in San Diego explains that this is known as “baby bottle tooth decay.”


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Is Decay Serious in Baby Teeth?


Many parents don’t believe that cavities in baby teeth are serious problems, especially since children lose them. However, a La Costa dental expert tells that children need their baby teeth to speak, eat, and hold a place for permanent teeth. When decay becomes extremely bad, tooth loss may occur. This can cause alignment problems with adult teeth.


What are Signs of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?


The initial signs of this kind of tooth decay are white spots on front teeth. If these items do not receive attention from a dentist in La Jolla, decay will quickly develop. When teeth have started to experience decay, you’ll notice black and brown spots. In many instances, it appears as though the teeth are rotting in your child’s mouth.


Ways to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay


Obviously, you will want to preserve the health of your child’s teeth. A dentist in San Diego gives easy ways to prevent his or her teeth from developing cavities.



At Solana Family Dental, we take pride in maintaining patients’ oral health. We understand the importance of early care. It is essential to make sure that your child’s baby teeth are preserved. For more tips to help avoid “baby bottle tooth decay,” call us today.