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Having a tooth knocked out is more common than most people think. Over 5 million adults and children have teeth knocked out every year from accidents, falls, fights or other incidents. However, the good news is that these teeth can often be saved. Whether or not a Carlsbad dentist can save it depends on what you do after it breaks.

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When Can a Tooth That Gets Knocked Out Be Saved?


A tooth may be saved if it is cared for properly until you see the dentist. Consider a tooth that breaks out of your mouth a dental emergency. For example, you should call your dentist in Encinitas or near wherever you are immediately. Most dentists will adjust their schedule to accommodate emergencies. If the tooth dries because it is not kept moist, it may not be savable. It may also be unusable if you wait too long. Try to see the dentist within 30 minutes.


How Do You Preserve a Tooth That Gets Knocked Out?


The key is to keep the tooth moist to maximize the chance of saving it. If the tooth falls on the ground, pick it up carefully. Try not to touch the root part. Run the tooth under cool water for about 10 seconds to clean it.


You may have heard that putting the knocked-out tooth in a glass of milk is the right step, and it is one way to potentially save the tooth. If you do not have access to milk when the tooth breaks, another option is to put it in your mouth in the socket. This is ok to do even if there is some blood coming from the socket. Do not put it in a glass of water.


If the tooth broke off and left a jagged edge a considerable distance above the gumline, it may not stay in place. One option for this scenario is to place it between your gum and cheek until you get to a dentist in Del Mar or near wherever you are. Be careful to avoid swallowing the tooth.


What Is the Process To Save a Tooth That Gets Knocked Out?


The dentist where you are will work quickly to save your tooth. For example, a dentist in Del Mar will start by cleaning and sterilizing the socket and tooth. . Additionally, the procedure may involve using a splint or wires to anchor the tooth to surrounding teeth as it heals. The tooth may require endodontic treatment (root canal) either then or in the future  Your dentist will monitor the healing process with follow-up visits.


If you have a tooth that gets knocked out and need an emergency dentist in Encinitas, Del Mar or nearby areas, Solana Family Dentistry is conveniently located in Solana Beach and strives to serve you during emergencies. Also, if you need an appointment with a San Diego, La Jolla, La Costa or Carlsbad dentist, please contact us to schedule one.


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