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Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can have a terrible impact on the enamel of your teeth. When you grind your teeth, you’re putting a lot of pressure on them, and this can lead to a whole host of problems. For starters, it can wear down your enamel, the protective outer layer of your teeth. This can make your teeth more susceptible to decay and cavities. Plus, grinding can cause your teeth to chip or fracture. Grinding your teeth can also lead to headaches and overall discomfort. One solution that can help with teeth grinding is getting a mouthguard from a Carlsbad dentist. Here are some ways a mouthguard can help with teeth grinding.

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How Does a Mouthguard Work?


A mouthguard is a custom-fitted device that you wear over your teeth while you sleep. It is designed to act as a cushion between your upper and lower teeth, absorbing the pressure and preventing your teeth from rubbing against each other. When you get a mouthguard from a dentist in Del Mar or a dentist in Encinitas, you’re taking the first step to solving your teeth grinding problem.


The Benefits of a Mouthguard


If you’re grinding your teeth, a mouthguard can help protect your teeth from wear and tear. Think of it like a shield: it cushions your teeth and prevents them from rubbing together. This means fewer chips, fractures, and other dental issues down the road.


Plus, a mouthguard can help you sleep better. When you’re grinding your teeth, it can be tough to get a good night’s rest. Grinding your teeth prevents your body from falling into a deep sleep. But with a mouthguard, you’ll be more comfortable and relaxed, which can lead to a deeper, more restful sleep.


Lastly, if you’re dealing with jaw pain or headaches from teeth grinding, a mouthguard can help ease the tension and reduce your discomfort.


A Carlsbad Dentist Can Help


If you’re on the fence about getting a mouthguard, talk to a Carlsbad dentist, a dentist in Del Mar, or a dentist in Encinitas to discuss mouthguards in more detail. At Solana Family Dental, we will be happy to talk about mouthguards as well as the rest of our dental services. Contact us to schedule an appointment.