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Also called gum contouring or gum reshaping, a gum lift is a common type of dental procedure. Your dentist can use this process to remove excess gum tissue or add more tissue to your gums. It gently adjusts your gums to create a healthier and more appealing gum line. Are you a good candidate for a gum lift treatment? Your dentist in San Diego might recommend it if you fulfill one or more of these criteria.


You Have a Gummy Smile


One of the most common reasons for a gum lift is to fix a “gummy” smile. This sort of smile happens when your gums are so large that they distract from your teeth. Unfortunately, it can make it harder to interact positively with others. Researchers have found that a smile with more than three millimeters of gum showing can look a little off-putting to viewers. La Costa dental services can gently remove this extra tissue, so your gum-to-tooth ratio is more aesthetically pleasing.

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Your Teeth Look Too Long or Short


If you’re unhappy with the length of your teeth, your gums might be the issue. Gums that are too long can make teeth look short while receding gums might make your teeth seem unnaturally long. A gum lift can expose more of the tooth or cover more of the tooth, so your overall tooth length seems more proportionate. This simple fix can be even more effective than having a dentist in La Jolla apply veneers or caps.


Your Gum Line is Uneven


Due to injury or lifestyle habits, certain parts of your gums can grow at different rates. This can lead to a very uneven look. Some people end up with teeth on one side of their mouth looking longer or shorter. The simplest fix for this problem is to have a dentist in La Jolla perform a gum lift and give you a more symmetrical smile.


You Have Dangerous Gum Recession


Gums do more than just help you have an attractive smile. They also ensure your teeth remain firmly fixed inside the mouth. If you have gum disease or other health problems, you might end up losing a lot of gum tissue. In these cases, your La Costa dental team will recommend a gum lift with a graft. This type of procedure grafts extra tissue onto the gums, so they can keep your teeth stable.


As you can see, there are a lot of situations where a gum lift is a good idea. If you think you might benefit from a gum lift, Solana Family Dental is here to help. Call now to learn more about gum lifts and other dental services.