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Getting your kids to brush their teeth can be a struggle. You can nag and lecture all you want, but for some reason, they avoid it as often as they can. Fortunately, there are some ways you can get your kids to brush their teeth with less fuss. Read on for tips from a La Costa dental clinic.

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Make It Fun


Many kids don’t like to brush their teeth because it means that it’s time to stop playing and go to school in the morning or bed at night. The best thing you can do is to make brushing their teeth fun for your kids.


Think about what motivates your kids. Sometimes it’s as simple as coming up with a different way to walk to the bathroom each day, such as bunny hops and penguin waddles. You can have competitions to see who can spit out the most foam or get toothbrushes that play a song while your kids brush.


Use Technology


Your Carlsbad dentist recommends using technology. There are many apps that’ll work with your kid’s tablets or smart speakers. These apps keep your kids brushing the required time by playing a song or telling a story. Your kids are entertained and their teeth get brushed.


Try Science


The next time your kids ask why they have to brush their teeth, instead of saying, “because I said so,” explain the science behind getting cavities. For some kids, just knowing about the bacteria in their mouth grosses them out enough to get them brushing.


Use Products Made for Kids


If your kids aren’t using products made for them, brushing their teeth can be difficult. Be sure to get appropriately-sized toothbrushes, and remember that not all kids’ toothbrushes are the same size. Ask your dentist in Solana Beach CA about the best size for your kid.


You can also get toothpaste in fun flavors and floss made just for kids.