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If you want to live a healthy life, then you need healthy teeth. While you may have a few New Year’s resolutions related to your health in general, you shouldn’t neglect your teeth. Carlsbad dentists note that people with healthy teeth tend to be the happiest, and who doesn’t want to be happy? You want to get through 2022 without unnecessary pain or discomfort, so consider adding these three New Year’s resolutions to the list.

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Have a Brighter Smile

Many people want a brighter smile. Your smile is the first thing that someone notices when you speak to them, and a bright smile can make a good impression. While you may feel tempted to spend your hard-earned money on an array of over-the-counter whiteners, these products aren’t the best. Not only are they often ineffective, but they can also damage your teeth. Instead, you should visit a reliable dentist in Encinitas. They’ll help you find the easiest and most effective way to whiten your teeth without causing any harm.


Always Have Fresh Breath

Nobody wants to struggle with bad breath. It’s unpleasant, and it can be a real turn-off when you’re talking to someone. If you currently suffer from constant bad breath, then you may be suffering from tooth decay, gingivitis, or some other oral condition. While regular flossing and brushing should make your breath more pleasant, everyday oral hygiene practices may not be sufficient. Thus, you should regularly visit a reputable Carlsbad dentist to keep your mouth clean and take care of any issues that might cause bad breath.


Don’t Get Any Cavities

Cavities aren’t only unsightly, but they can also be extremely painful. As a cavity progresses, it may even lead to infection and threaten your life. Therefore, it is extremely important to get regular cleanings from a reliable dentist in Encinitas. They can scrape away tartar and apply sealants to prevent new cavities from ever forming in the first place. By dealing with cavities before they spiral out of control, you can avoid pain and save a lot of money in the long run.


A Qualified Dentist in Del Mar Can Help

By regularly visiting a reliable dentist in your area, you can protect your teeth and enjoy a higher quality of life. You shouldn’t wait too long to seek professional care. Otherwise, your oral health may significantly decline. If you want a brighter smile, better breath, and a healthier mouth, then book an appointment at Solana Family Dental for quality care from the best dentist in Del Mar.