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If you regularly use toothpicks, you might find yourself needing to search for “dentist near me” soon. Over time, toothpicks can lead to cavities and other problems.

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The main problem with toothpicks is that they’re very stiff and hard to use carefully. Especially if you’re just shoving it in your mouth and wiggling it around, you’re likely to scratch your gums or push them back from your teeth. This can lead to gum recession, and when the sensitive roots of the teeth are exposed, you can end up with root decay.


In rare cases, small wooden splinters can break off and lodge in the gums. This problem with toothpicks can lead to further damage. If you cannot easily remove the splinter, you might need to go to your dentist in San Diego before you develop a nasty infection.


The final issue with toothpicks comes from chewing on them. Usually, a toothpick isn’t able to scratch the firm enamel of your teeth. However, if you have a habit of holding them in your mouth for long periods of time, the wear and tear can eventually start to damage your teeth. People who regularly chew toothpicks are more prone to develop enamel loss and cavities.


Better Alternatives to Toothpicks


Because toothpicks can lead to so many issues, the leading dentists in San Diego usually recommend patients switch to safer methods. Often, many bits of food debris can be cleaned with a toothbrush. You might want to consider quickly brushing your teeth after meals instead of using toothpicks.


For food that is stuck deep between your teeth, try flossing. Floss is narrower and softer, so it’s less likely to damage teeth. Furthermore, it wraps around the entire tooth, so you clean away a lot of excess plaque as you floss. If you don’t like traditional floss, keep in mind that there are options like water flossers, interdental brushes and floss picks as well.


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