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Normally, people dread going to the dentist. Some people are afraid of pain, and other people are embarrassed by their poor oral health. At Solana Family Dental, we never judge our patients. We are committed to patient excellence. When you are looking for a dentist in Del Mar who will put you at ease and will offer a variety of services, our practice is for you.

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Dentist in La Jolla Serving Unique Needs


A dentist in La Jolla must understand that every patient is different and has unique needs. This is why we offer a variety of services. Also, we provide a relaxing atmosphere and a friendly staff. We walk you through every step of your procedure and document your dental history so that it is possible to develop a solid plan to treat any problems that arise.


A Dentist in Encinitas Stresses the Importance of Preventative Care


Top dentists in Encinitas recognize the importance of preventative oral care. Scheduling regular cleanings and exams allows small problems to be detected before major damage occurs. Also, we teach patients the best way to care for their teeth at home. Brushing and flossing on a daily basis prevents gum disease and decay.


Cosmetic Dentistry


When patients want perfect smiles, they opt for cosmetic dental procedures from trusted dentists in Encinitas. For example, if you are missing teeth, you may choose to receive implants. These artificial teeth look natural and are permanent replacements that are placed directly into your jawbone. To perfect your smile, you may receive porcelain veneers. These are thin coverings that go over your teeth and correct chips, crooked placement, and unwanted spaces. If you do not like the discoloration of your teeth, you may receive a whitening procedure. We use a special whitening agent that can drastically lighten the shade of your smile.


Other Cosmetic Services Offered at Top Dentists in La Jolla


No matter your oral care needs, Solana Family Dental always provides top services. Our entire team is committed to patient excellence. When you want to work with a trusted and experienced dentist in Del Mar, contact our office at (858)345-1960.