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When you visit your La Costa dental provider to discuss orthodontic issues, you may wonder if a retainer can be used in place of your braces. The basic function of a retainer is to keep teeth straight. It is a less expensive treatment than braces, but it is not always the answer to achieving a straight smile. It is important to examine the difference between the use of a retainer and the use of braces.


When to Use a Retainer Instead of Braces

Your dentist in Del Mar explains that a retainer may be substituted for braces when your problem is very minor. If only a few of your teeth require treatment, a retainer may solve the issue. Nonetheless, you may need to wear it for years so that the results are permanent.


When are Braces Necessary?

Your dentist in Encinitas can determine when braces are the preferred method of treatment for mouth imperfections. For instance, if you have a problem with your bite or have multiple misaligned teeth, braces are necessary to correct the issue. A retainer does not have the power to deliver the same results as metal braces or full aligner treatment However, a retainer can be used to uphold the results of braces into the long-term.


Why Braces are More Effective Than Retainers to Correct Oral Imperfections

In most cases, patients have multiple problems in their mouths that need to be corrected. A conventional retainer is not designed with the same strength as metal braces, which means that it cannot shift severely misaligned teeth into position. As the name implies, a retainer retains and maintains straight teeth. If metal braces do not interest you, a better alternative can be clear aligners such as ClearCorrect or Invisalign. Treatment involves clear aligning trays that act like braces by exerting different torque and force to shift teeth


For more information about braces and retainers, contact the experts at Solana Family Dental. Your issues will be examined, and recommendations will be made according to your individual needs. Our main goal is to deliver a top smile that you will be proud to show off.